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Here in East Tennessee, moonshine tradition runs strong. Conditions in the area were good for growing corn and it didn’t take long to realize a lot more money could be made off a gallon of corn liquor than a bushel. Once the law began cracking down on the industry, the nature of our people and the East Tennessee Smoky Mountain terrain made way for the hay day of bootlegging.

With Prohibition came a great demand for moonshine in the big cities. Hiding your operation in the mountains was easy compared to the challenges of transporting your wares into town. Agents would hide out along backcountry roads, waiting for the chance to nail a moonshine runner. The area is full of stories of young men who ran liquor, hence, ThunderRoad and the faithful night in 1952 when Lucas Doolin crashed his car on Kingston Pike while running “shine” but not outrunning the law.

ThunderRoad brings the pride and tradition of East Tennessee into your shopping experience by offering a large and diverse selection of moonshine, wine and liquor products and we can’t wait to help make the most of your next visit to ThunderRoad Wine & Spirits. By being locally owned and operated we appreciate the South’s warm hospitality and commitment to service and know you will love our friendly and experienced staff! Always enjoy our products responsibly and drive safe!

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